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Have a Taste of Nature

Trichomes and terpenes directly affect the flavor profile of the cannabis plant. Which means a healthier, more trichome dusted flower will not only taste better, it’s going to have a stronger and longer lasting “entourage effect”. Our flowers are processed with care using only natural ingredients to ensure a better cannabis experience.

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With all of our current cannabis strains in production and the others that are in development, we are harvesting flower on a daily basis to supply our wholesale distribution and retail-ready brands located in Arizona. Our whole spectrum, sun-grown flower has diverse cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

As a fully-compliant and licensed facility, every product we carry has been tested for quality, consistency, and potency through a licensed laboratory and accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

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Experience Quality

We strive to provide the best cannabis experience possible by being consistent in our products high quality. If you have any questions, let’s talk about it.