We are Arizona's leader in pre-roll logistics. Find out how we can help you automate your brand!




We are Arizona’s leading provider of pre-roll cannabis logistics. With unrivaled cannabis expertise, our facilities produce products that drive growth and eliminates problems for brands and dispensary buyers.

Specializing in Diamond rolls • Rosin rolls • Needle infusion • Kief dusting • Hash dusting

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Our facilities are capable of producing up to 25,000 pre-rolls a day.

Our world class grow facilities have the ability to create unique strains using state of the art pheno-hunting techniques.

Our machines Weigh in 1/100 gr increments to ensure every pre-roll matches your specific needs. Our unique process and quality control provides a superior product with less runs.

Our top of the line automated process can roll a variety of sizes, from 0.25 up to 2 grams we can bring your ideas to life. Looking for infused pre-rolls? Our team specializes in high potency solutions for your brand’s needs. 
Connect with us and see how our automated process can build your brand at a fraction of the cost.
Our fully-compliant and licensed facility, produces and finely tunes numerous strains with proven lineage to satisfy your brand’s needs. We strive to provide the best cannabis experience possible by consistency in our product’s high quality. From seed to packaging we bring your ideas to life!



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Our pre-rolls are produced with the highest accuracy in the industry. Whether you operate a cannabis brand or a dispensary, our platform for growth is built for your needs. Stop producing joints by hand and reduce costs by letting our pre-roll automation elevate your business.

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Growing cannabis and producing pre-rolls at the same facility reduces the steps to completion, and ensures the final result is as fresh and safe as possible. As a fully-compliant and licensed facility, every product we carry has been tested for quality through a state-licensed laboratory and accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

Our boutique grow facility strives to provide the best cannabis experience possible by remaining consistent in our product’s high quality.

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One operator can seamlessly produce thousands of pre-rolls per day through our highly specialized process of automation.



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Evolution Pharms provides culture, community, and wellbeing to anyone that engages with our brand. We flourish with family at our core and a nurturing strong female lead.

Our goal is to deliver health, wellness, and a rich sensory experience to everyone around us.